How can you help me stock the kitchen and reach our neighbors in need? Consider a modest contribution whereby I can purchase ingredients in cost-effective, bargain bulk fashion. Or, you can help me spread love by directly donating supplies of flour, sugar or packaging paper products.

All contributions will go directly to the mission and its services. I am as thrifty and creative in stretching each dollar as I am with the OTHER dough! Each donor will have their name posted on our Kitchen Wall & Pantry of Thanks Web-Page as well as on greeting cards delivered with the goodies. Thank you so much for your donations :)

I am an outreach volunteer for  I AM A GIRL, an empowering film for women and girls everywhere.  We must share it with each other.  You can help by bringing this important film to your community, organization or town.  Be a Movie Captain!


  1. Do you ever need volunteers? I'm interested!

    1. Hello, thank you so much for wanting to help. We are always in need of help. I will contact you soon <3

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  3. Alistar, thank you so much for this resource. I really love it <3